Heirloom Pumpkin Patch

Heirloom Organic Pumpkin Patch!

Update for the 2018 season: Our Pumpkin Patch is not open this year due to weather conditions last summer. The Patch will open in 2019! We value all of our loyal pumpkin lovers and hope to see you here for the fun and festivities.       ~ Reg & Cher Tollefson

Attention – we are looking for a youth or non-profit group to partner with for the 2019 growing season. Please contact Cher if you would like to explore this opportunity to work-grow-earn using our beautiful field! 503-539-8602

We have the planting bug here at the Historic Kirchem Farm! Fresh saved heirloom organic seeds are staring at us while the calendar is consulted. We were fortunate to also find a few new heirloom seed varieties. Don’t you love the Blue Moon and Baby Boo Pumpkins? Cinderella and Fairytale Pumpkins are amazing too!

20140905-IMG_7582Thanksgiving 2007 009

Pumpkins! They make us smile.

We smile when . . .

we plant our pumpkins, while we watch them grow, when we harvest the field, as people cart them home, when we carve and decorate them, and especially as we eat delicious pumpkin pies!

This year our pumpkins are very special.

Who knew pumpkins could do such wonderful things?

Visit us at the Historic Kirchem Farm Heirloom Pumpkin Patch this October.

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