Nature Nuts Game

Nature Nuts Farm Scavenger Hunt by Bella the Horse

For more FUN print this page and bring it to the farm with you.                                               

Never touch or eat things on this list.

Just observe like a real Naturalist would and leave everything just as you find it. But if you find trash or paper, please help us keep the farm clean and the animal’s safe by putting all garbage in a bag and leaving it in a garbage can at the parking area.

Always stay within site of your parents or guardian. (Parents, see note below.)

Nature Nuts Game was created by Kris Tabor and is used with permission. We hope you will share this game with children all over the world and promote an everlasting deep love for their natural surroundings wherever that may be.

When you see something on this list, check it off.

Hint: there is one thing on this list that can not be found in Oregon. If you discover what this is, give yourself 10 extra points!

Whoever sees and checks off the most items is the Nature Nut WINNER in your family!

  1. Big Brown Horse named Bella (that’s me of course!)
  2. Fox –get an extra point if she has on her Santa hat
  3. Bird egg
  4. Water Tower
  5. Barn
  6. Garden –get an extra point for each vegetable you can name
  7. Cow
  8. Cat
  9. Deer
  10. “Bean” tree (Catalpa tree)
  11. Bird’s nest
  12. Snake
  13. Birds larger than your hand
  14. Small bird that is smaller than a hand
  15. Eagle
  16. Osprey
  17. Fish
  18. Waterskipper
  19. Slug –count 2 points if it is a giant banana slug
  20. Fir cone
  21. Noble Christmas tree
  22. Firefly
  23. River
  24. Manure
  25. Tractor
  26. Truck
  27. Flower
  28. Cloud
  29. Rainbow
  30. Mount Hood
  31. Rock –count 2 points if it has a stripe on it, 3 points if the stripe is red
  32. Rock with a hole in it
  33. Fossil
  34. Beaver stick
  35. Beaver
  36. 3 birds of one kind
  37. River otter
  38. Fisherman
  39. Mosquito
  40. Butterfly
  41. Hummingbird
  42. Squirrel
  43. Feather
  44. Worm
  45. Caterpillar
  46. Ant
  47. Mushroom – remember” Don’t Touch!” mushrooms
  48. Grasshopper
  49. Owl
  50. Chipmunk
  51. Snowberries (a bush with tiny white poisonous berries that only birds can eat)
  52. Pumpkins
  53. Sunflowers

“Add up your points at the end of your visit and claim your title of being the best Nature Nut around, and one of my new best friends!” Bella.

Now, how many of the above items could you find near your own house?

(Update September 2016:  Our dear Hamilton has been watching us from horse heaven for a few years now, and recently our wonderful Jet joined him. Our beloved Eddy The Greyhound is also no longer romping around the farm either…)


The Buddy System is always a good idea when exploring.

If you have a child who wanders, please bring along whistles that can be worn around their neck.  Don’t forget to instruct your child to stay in one place and teach them how to use the whistle during emergencies.

If you wish to take your family swimming in the river, we recommend visiting one of the nearby county or state parks for that activity after your tour.

Copyright © 2005-Present Historic Kirchem Farm All Rights Reserved.


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