Horse Barn


Update 2020: During Covid the horse stall area of the barn will be closed. However, during our Fall Pumpkin Festival the covered barn arena will house a Hay Stack & Maze for families to supervise their children with masks. Farm Security will be on horseback this year by Western Riders!

Our big horse barn houses our wonderful animal friends. They love visitors and gentle pats during our planned events at the farm. Bella is the tallest and she was born here at the farm. She’s all grown up now but we have included her birth photos in the slideshow below. Bella is known as a Warmblood. Our American Quarter horse is a big sweetheart too, and Blue is a beautiful dark color known as blue roan. For those of you who remember our dear sweet Hamilton, he is now roaming in horse heaven and watching over all of us playing on the farm. Gentle Jet has recently joined Hamilton.

20131207_treeparty_083Well behaved visiting dogs love dressing up to visit our horse barn and help their family locate the perfect tree!

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