2017 Update: OPEN for cutting tall trees!  We have a limited supply of u-cut trees. Plus freshly cut Nordmann Fir and natural Grand Fir are by the tree shed while they last.


2017 UPDATE: Our U-Cut Tree Fields are open December 3rd, December 9 & 10. For your own safety please DO NOT enter our field after 3:30 pm. We close at 4:00 pm. As the light fades it is difficult to see uneven ground, the tree stumps, and where your family is. Thank you.

This is our 26th season and unfortunately it is necessary to allow our tree fields time to regenerate, and that determines which tree fields we can harvest from now. As of today 11/25/2017 we have opened our Douglas Fir Fields! There are many great Dougs waiting for you. They are 5 to 6 feet tall for $30.00 each, all non-sprayed, and both sheared and un-sheared.

With that said, if you are looking for a wonderful LARGE CHRISTMAS TREE such as an unsheared natural NOBLE FIR  9+ to 20 feet high, we have a bountiful selection in the u-cut fields. They are only $10.00 per foot.

Otherwise we have many young trees that simply need a few more cycles of rest and growth. Tree seedling shortages and weather patterns the last few years are contributing factors.

The best thing about being a Christmas Tree Farm is looking forward to having all of our beautiful loyal families arriving and letting us be part of their personal traditions. Our hearts are heavy knowing we won’t see all of our old and new friends – we appreciate all of you and are grateful for your support over the years. Please understand that limiting our harvests is necessary and that it was not an easy decision. It will also make it easy for our customers to find parking and get checked out!

Best Wishes for a very Merry Christmas and Holiday Season.

~ Reg and Cher Tollefson


UCut Natural Christmas Trees – the MAGIC starts at Historic Kirchem Farm

2017 UPDATE – As trees grow and are cut our focus changes almost every year. At the moment we are specializing in TALL trees. We did a review of the tree fields today November 25, 2017. Here’s the latest report:

There is still a beautiful selection of tall, un-sheared, non-sprayed wild and majestic Noble Fir trees which stand over 9 to 20 feet tall in the fields.

*However, our sheared cultured Noble fields are depleted for 2017.

Reminder: Our river fields are closed and locked in 2017. Please do not enter any tree fields after 3:30 PM. It is too easy to fall over little tree stumps when it’s dark around 4PM.

If you only require a small 3′ or 4′ tree then our fields simply can not accommodate you this year (2017). Growing trees means our fields change Every Year – it’s a tricky business but we love it!

2017  FAQ’s:

  • We are USUALLY open weekends from Thanksgiving through December 3rd, 9 to 4, or by APPOINTMENT.
  • We are often open before & after our posted hours but sometimes our chores on this 100 acre farm require us to be away from the Warming Shed. Please call ahead if you would like to visit other than posted open hours and we will do our best to accommodate you.
  • Trees grow for an average of 7 years to 11 years of age before they are cut and become part of the Christmas Magic in your homes.
  • None of our trees are sprayed!
  • We have both open pastures and tree fields for your family to explore.
  • We accept VISA & MasterCard.
  • Free hot chocolate.
  • Free wagon rides on weekends (weather permitting)

 19723 South Bakers Ferry Road, Oregon City 97045

The Historic Kirchem Farm is only a few miles from Carver Bridge in the heart of the Christmas Tree Capital of the WORLD!

It is heart warming to think of our trees in all the homes on Christmas morning . . . decorated and witnessing all the joy and love that fills a person/family’s heart.  Thank you for making us part of your family traditions. We appreciate each and everyone of you!

We love seeing pictures you’ve taken at our farm. And we love seeing our Historic Kirchem Farm trees decorated and set up in your homes. Please enjoy this link to our FaceBook Page and use it to post, share and tag all your pictures, videos and traditions!


20080105-IMG_1670-2(photo courtesy of Kris Tabor Photography 503.706.3785)

Thanksgiving X-Mas 2010 028

IMG_2057The interior of the new Warming Shed!!!

We are still where the Historic Kirchem Farm has been since the mid-1800’s. We still have stunning outdoor venues for weddings and reunions, and of course our no-spray U-cut Christmas trees.

Brian’s Metalwork and Blacksmith gifts are so popular Brian has expanded his product line. Stop by the Warming Shed and take a look.