U-Cut Trees 2021

ATTENTION:  Due to extreme high summer heat 2021 was a very short season. Our U-Cut fields are closed now. Thank you for your continued support of our family farm.


OPEN DECEMBER 4TH & 5TH ONLY, 9am to 4pm, no entry to the parking area after 3pm. We do not charge an entry/parking fee for trees, and please leave your pets at home. Remember it gets dark early this time of year!


No tees under 6 feet will be cut in our fields this years. Our trees grow for an average of 7 years to 11 years of age before they are cut and become part of the Christmas Magic in your homes.  This fact is why pricing and tree types are variable. Some years growers have shortages beyond their control, some years they can have an over-abundance, or even a lack of a variety based on a variety’s shortage of planting stock from 5 to 10 years ago!

We constantly re-plant tree fields. It takes 7 to 11 years before they can be harvested.


cher xmas postcard


None of our trees are sprayed – and we accept VISA & MasterCard. Handsaws are provided but require some patience to wait for one if everyone arrives at the same time – feel free to bring your own portable cutting tools and skip the line. Labor is not provided in our U-Cut fields. Wear sturdy shoes/boots, gloves, and don’t forget a warm hat. Remember there is no such thing as bad weather if you come prepared.


(yes 2021 tall trees) Norway Spruce Description: A beautiful shiny bluegreen tree with ½ – 1″ needles, with fragrance, an open form, and strong branches. Starting at $60 up

(yes 2021 6′ to 9′ trees) Grand Fir Description: Always a reliable favorite because they are the most fragrant tree. The needles lay flat and are a vibrant emerald green on top and boast a silvery light reflecting underside creating an extra sparkling display. Starting at $60 up


(none in 2021) Nordmann Fir –  Description: Symmetrically arranged strong branches perfectly hold large heavy ornaments. The short, dark green needles are soft and flattened on the twig, with a waxy cuticle giving the tree its shiny appearance and prevents drying and needle loss. Very little fragrance.

(none in 2021) Douglas Fir –  Non-sprayed, non-sheared natural trees. Description: One of the most popular varieties nation wide and it’s Oregon’s official tree. With dark blue-green 1 – 1 ½” long needles, this conical shaped tree has good needle retention and a nice fragrance. 

(none in 2021) Noble FirDescription: A deep green color with good shape, sturdy branches good for decorations and a great aroma –  1″ needles with good needle retention – this variety is often used for wreaths and garland.

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